Spartek overs a variety of services related to tree care. Click on a link below to find out more about a particular service.
  • Emergency Storm Damage
    When an emergency happens, depend on us. We specialize in removing trees from roof tops and are trained to deal with electrical hazards.
  • Crane Capacity Specified
    Our crane services are top quality. Fully trained and certified.
  • Tree Removal No tree is too big or difficult for us to remove. We tackle many dangerous trees and are capable of removing the biggest. We also offer heavy rigging in extremely tight work sites and take extra precaution not to damage your home or property. Your safety and satisfaction is of up utmost importance to us.
  • Tree Pruning & Trimming Proper trimming and pruning makes healthier trees. We take pride in our tree trimming and pruning. We prune huge trees the same way we prune small trees, THE RIGHT WAY. All of our pruning techniques meet or exceed the industry standards. Properly pruned trees are healthier, safer, more sightly and live longer.
  • Cabling/Bracing We keep your trees healthy longer. We offer the most modern and effective cabling systems for weak or compromised trees. Our systems allow for roughly ten years of growth with little or no maintenance. There is no such thing as a indestructable tree but, we guarentee our cable systems not to fail or we will repair or clean up at our expense.
  • Stump Grinding No unsightly stumps when we are done. We offer stump grinding in addition to our very professional services.